Coming Attractions


An animated personal reflection on modern mating habits, and sexual balances of power, “Coming Attractions” weaves imagery together into a time-based collage, a moving drawing, “Videowallpaper” which when delayered exposes a surprisingly menacing underbelly to our “everyday”…..

screenings and exhibitions include:
Ave ’91, International Experimental Art Festival, Arnhem, Holland, 1991; Brave New Pixels, A.R.C. Gallery, Chicago 1991; Luz Elasticá, Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1991; Wit and Wisdom, Forum Gallery, Jamestown, New York, 1992; Siggraph ’92, Chicago. Electronic Theater, Art show and the Siggraph Video Review ’92; The 36th London Film Festival; “JAGDA” (Japan Graphic Design Association Conference), Tokyo, 1993 and London Electronic Arts “Sexual Visionaries” touring programme.

Coming Attractions was handdrawn on an Amiga 2000 computer using DeluxePaint III software
Duration 2 mins