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Selected Reviews and Articles | Selected Broadcasts

2022 Review of Sussex Landscape: Chalk Wood and Water by David Trigg, Studio International
2019 In Conversation Susan Collins and Sarah Pickering, Katalog journal 30.2 Fast Forward special issue
2019 Andrew Stahl and Guo Xiaohui In Conversation, Ocula Magazine,
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Selected Broadcasts

2022 Interview for BBC Radio 4 Today Programme 29/12/2022
2022 What are Internet Artworks and How do we Care for Them, A Mind the Film Production for Tate (watch on YouTube)
2018 Discussion on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, with Amanda Levete, as part of Radio 4’s celebration of the centenary of Women’s Suffrage 22/01/18
2015 Featured in From Mirrors to Windows, a Documentary Feature Film by Susan Steinberg
2005 Kissing: A public Service Valentine Broadcast, Resonance 104.4 fm , February 14/15
2004 Interview on Tate in Space for Radio Lab, WNYC, New York Public Radio
2004 Interview for Front Row, BBC Radio 4 for Haunted Media, Site Gallery Sheffield
2003 Interview for Jazz fm from Tate Modern, 16/05/03
2002 Interview on Tate in Space, J-Wave Radio, Japan 31/12/02
2001 Interview Deutchland Funk, German National Broadcasting on In Conversation, 30/04/01
2001 Interview, SFB radio 106.8, Berlin on In Conversation, 27/04/01
1998 BBC2 Learning Zone documentary on In Conversation, first broadcast 22/10/98
1998 Interview with Hari Kunzru, “The Lounge”, Illumina production, Sky TV 3/9/98
1997 Interview for BBC TV world news on In Conversation, 15/12/97
1997 Interview for BBC TV News 24 on In Conversation, 12/12/97
1996 “Electric Passions”, Channel 4 documentary broadcast 14/11/96
1997 “An Espresso with Susan Collins”, Interview with Magali Guyon for ISEA 97 Webcast
1993 Interview, and Review of River Crossings, Kaleidoscope, BBC Radio 4, 26/3/93