Woolwich Foot Tunnel


Introductory Exchanges for Woolwich Foot Tunnel, commissioned by Camerawork Gallery for River Crossings

Originally inspired by human behavioural patterns in public, and exchange and lack of exchange between strangers, the piece involved the viewers as active ingredients to both the making and the perception of the work itself.
The piece consisted of a series of sensor controlled sound devices placed at intervals along the Woolwich Foot Tunnel (a 3/4 mile long tunnel which links North and South Woolwich under the Thames). The sounds were triggered by viewers passing through the space and included running water, sheep baaaing, footsteps, audible sighs etc. There were also video-projected ‘puddles’ to be stepped over/around as passersby entered/exited the lifts at either end. Every so often an animated hand ‘cleaned/scrubbed’ the videopuddle and brought in a new image.

An audio track of dripping water first made for this installation was later included in the Double CD, Music for the Willamson Tunnels in 2008.