Wild Life


Wild Life (2 mins 47 secs, silent, HD) is a short, moving image photographic ‘portrait’ exploring (the nature of) the Essex Road for Essex Road III, Tintype Gallery.

Constructed entirely from still digital photographs this film is the latest in a series of short film/moving image pieces including Love Brid (Animate Projects 2009); Found Footage: Whitechapel (Idea Store Whitechapel, 2011) and Excavation (part 2) (Harewood House, Leeds 2012) which play on the relationship between the photographic still and the moving image.

In Wild Life the shop window becomes the overarching framing device, the construct/framework for the film. It will be the site of playback but also the location of much of the visual content of the film itself.
From a stuffed rabbit, ornamental horses, and deer paintings to pet dogs and pigeons, this short portrait captured over a few days in late summer/autumn 2016 reflects back, through a sequence of moving still photographs, the makers various encounters searching for wildlife (animate and inanimate) along the road.

Wild Life is one of eight short films commissioned by Tintype Gallery for Essex Road III. Each artist was invited to make a work in response to the Essex Road, a mile long stretch of road in Islington, London where the gallery is located. The works will be rear projected, transforming the window of the gallery into a public screen at dusk each evening from 9 December 2016 – 14 January 2017.

Wild life will be available to view online after 14 January 2017.