Tate text on Tate in Space for Lives of Net Art

A new text on Tate in Space for Tate’s Lives of Net Art

Tate in Space home page

Tate in Space home page

The Lives of Net Art is one of six studies as part of Tate’s major research project Reshaping the Collectible: When Artworks Live in the Museum which focused on works in the Tate collection: “works that unfold over time and exist in multiple forms; works that challenge the boundaries between artwork, record and archive, and rely on complex networks of people, skills and technologies outside of the museum.”

Between 2000 and 2011, Tate commissioned fifteen works of net art for its website  including Tate in Space (2002).

A set of texts have now been written on each of these artworks written by an interdisciplinary team of researchers. Drawing on interviews with the artists and technical research, they describe the experience of interacting with the artworks, their reception and technical narrative, both at the time of their launch and in their condition at the time of writing.

Read the text on Tate in Space by Lucy Bayley, Sarah Cook, Patricia Falcão, Chris King and Pip Laurenson